A Day That Changed My Life Forever

It was a Saturday morning and I had a 10:00 appointment with a client 30 minutes away.  My family and I were off to visit a lighthouse when I returned.

My client wanted me to look at a landscape a local nursery planted six months earlier.

They spent over $7,000 on a landscape that gave them no pleasure.

It was a classic case of a nursery installing a job late in the season.

The nursery used the leftover plants they had in stock.  Specimens sprung from the landscape with no sense of purpose and there was no continuity to the design.  Weeds were breaking through the dusting of mulch.

My heart went out to those poor people.  There was little, if any, landscape design or installation skill used in the planting.

I gave them an estimate of 3-4 k to mend the landscape because you have to move, and remove, a lot of plants.  A landscape design to work from required a $300 investment for travel, materials and design time.

I left the visit waiting for a call that never came.

When I returned home at noon my family and I were off to visit the lighthouse.  We never made it inside.  There was a 3 hour wait to get in.

This wasn’t the first time I met a potential client and didn’t get the job.  I’m sure it won’t be the last.

Something about that day left an impression on me.

After 25 years of free consultations I knew it was time for a change.

If you’re considering hiring my company I welcome your call.  I’m happy to discuss your needs and see if we’re a good fit for you.

If you’d like me to visit your home please know that I charge for consultations with future clients.  This consultation gets you the knowledge I’ve learned in 25 plus years working in the field and my degree in Ornamental Horticulture.

The consultation charge justifies that you, and I, value my time.

If you’re not interested in paying for a consultation I know a nursery that will be glad to help.


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John Holden

I've spent my life honing my landscape design and installation skills and would like to share them with you. I've worked in Fairfield County, Connecticut for over 22 years and counting. I earned a Bachelors degree in Horticulture from the University of Connecticut.

2 thoughts on “A Day That Changed My Life Forever”

  1. Like all specialists a landscape gardener is giving his/her advice based on training and experience. To charge a consultation fee is a recognition of that time and knowledge.
    You would never think twice about visiting a doctor or a vet and expecting them not to charge you unless they supplied you with medication. A landscape gardener should be considered in the same light.

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