Flame Weeding Propane Tank

Flame Weeding Garden in February

My season started yesterday morning.  We had a dusting of snow that changed to sleet and then cold drizzle.

When I wake up to rain I think of one thing.  Flame weeding.

We’ve had an unseasonably mild winter.  It’s been so mild a better term for this winter is early spring.

The winter annual weeds have thrived.  Patches of weeds are ready to take off with the warmer days.

After I put the kids on the bus I went right to the propane tank.  The ground was damp, aka fire resistant, and ready for flame weeding.

The cold drizzle turned to downpours during the day and high winds and thunderstorms last night.

I look forward to picking up branches in the yard today.

If you don’t like the weather in New England now, just wait a few minutes. – Mark Twain

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John Holden

I've spent my life honing my landscape design and installation skills and would like to share them with you. I've worked in Fairfield County, Connecticut for over 22 years and counting. I earned a Bachelors degree in Horticulture from the University of Connecticut.

2 thoughts on “Flame Weeding Garden in February”

  1. John can you please go into more details of “Flame weeding” What plants is it good for?
    Can it be used in treating concrete tiled paths? How long does the treatment last?
    You talk as if “Flame weeding” is a common practice for gardeners. This may be so, in your part of the world, but I had never heard of it in Australia, New Zealand or here in Brazil.

    1. At some point I’ll make a video about what flame weeding is. I’m hesitant because I fear someone will go overboard.

      On a damp day I take the propane torch into the garden and torch the weeds. You don’t have to hold it on the weeds long, just long enough for the leaves to change color.

      I’m careful not to flame weed on dry days or near structures for fear of the worst happening.

      I learned about flame weeding when I took a course in organic gardening. It’s helped me to keep the weeds in check in my yard without chemicals.

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