Liriope muscari ‘Variegata’ – A Colorful Groundcover for Connecticut Gardens

liriope muscari

Variegated Big Blue Lilyturf is an attractive, low maintenance and reliable groundcover for Connecticut gardens.

Variegated Big Blue Lilyturf grows in clumps about a foot tall.  It flowers in September with twelve-inch tall lavender flower spikes.  After flowering the spikes can either be cut back or left for fall interest.

The yellow variegated foliage brightens any dark corner of your landscape.  Cut foliage back in late-fall or early spring.

Variegated Big Blue Lilyturf grows in partial shade.  If planted in full sun the foliage will bleach.  Lilyturf is not fussy about the type of soil it grows in, as long as it is not constantly damp.

In the above Connecticut garden I planted Variegated Big Blue Lilyturf with evergreen boxwood behind and Fothergilla, a spring blooming shrub, intermingled around it.

By John Holden