Online Design and Consultation

My YouTube Channel, CTScaper, has over 12,500,000 views and 22,600 subscribers.

Online Design and Consultation gives you answers to your landscaping questions; excluding pest and disease control.

I welcome calls from both homeowners and contractors.

You can ask questions such as:

  • Where should I start improving my yard?
  • What plants grow best on this site?
  • How can I get my overgrown gardens back in shape?
  • What steps should I take to install my landscape?
  • What’s the best time to prune my flowering shrubs?
  • How should I keep mulch off my siding?

Phone consultations are $60 for the first half hour and $30 each additional 15 minute increment.

Online Landscape Design

I design plantings for your home or your clients home.

Simply draw the area you want designed to scale, send me a bunch of pictures and tell me what you’re looking for in the design.

I’ll send you a computer drafted landscape design to work from.

You can share this design with masons, the local nursery to select plants, the irrigation installer, the low voltage lighting installer and/or your clients.

Foundation Planting Landscape Design

Landscape Design Price List

  • Ranch Foundation Planting – $200
  • Colonial Foundation Planting – $300
  • Patio Planting – $200
  • Front Yard Planting – $400


  1. Price will vary based on design complexity.
  2. Design and consultation services may not be available during peak season (April-June).
  3. Locations of walls and steps are drafted in your design.  However, elevations and step counts are not.
  4. I’m only able to design landscapes for climates similar to the Northeast US, USDA Hardiness Zone 6a.

In the video below I discuss the three things people want in their landscape designs.

8 thoughts on “Online Design and Consultation”

  1. Hey John,

    Great site. You helped me prune my hydrangea tree this weekend after reviewing a couple of your You-Tube Videos. Not too sure how well it went….but I’ll be su re and send you my ‘before/after’ photos this summer.

    Just a quick not of thanks – that’s all.

    Tim / Chicago

      1. John,

        Wanted to let you know that the tree (as you indicated) has grown upward some three feet in a strong, pyrimadal form, with an amazing amount of flower heads. In previous years, it was falling over due to the weight of the flowers, but even with all of the rain the Chicago area has experienced this summer it is grown strong and tall like never before. Thanks again!

        1. Glad to hear everything worked out for you. Don’t be surprised if you get some floppy flower heads later in the season. Even the strongest stems can have trouble with the weight of the blooms.

  2. Your how to hydrangea videos are just great.
    Can I tie up branch laden with huge blooms that make branch droop? I do not want to cut and misshape my lovely hydrangea trees. (have 4 )…. Maybe you could do a video on how to solve this wonderful problem.
    I love that you love what you do… inspiring!

  3. Love your videos. Really well shot with great close-ups. I’m a gardener in Litchfield County. It was thru a Google search that I found you and I appreciated that you, too, are in CT. Thank you for making these videos. I learn something new with each one. My primary reason for writing is to ask if you have an Instagram or Pinterest account? I’d like to follow. Thanks for your time. Look forward to new videos.

    1. Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment. I love going for drives in Litchfield county. It’s so peaceful. At one point I had a Pinterest account, and I may still have one, but I’m focusing on my website and YouTube. I don’t have the energy to cover all the social media sites out there. If you enjoy my content please subscribe to this blog and my YouTube Channel.

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