Should I Use Landscape Fabric

When I started my career I thought landscape fabric, or weed fabric, was a wonderful invention.  The magic cloth ensures a weed free landscape for years.  Or does it?

Should I Use Landscape Fabric or Weed Fabric?

Landscape Fabric is a nuisance that creates more work for you and an unhealthy landscape.

What happens when mulch starts to break down?  How does it mix with the soil?

It doesn’t!

Grass and weed roots under weed fabric are impossible to get out without removing the fabric.  The weeds grow through the fabric and stick to it.  Plant roots stick to weed fabric too.  Every time I have to rip out landscape fabric I curse it.

The grass rhizomes got under this landscape fabric making removal of the grass impossible without removing the fabric.  I had to hack at this fabric with a shovel to remove it.
Grass roots got under this landscape fabric making removal impossible without removing the fabric. I had to hack at this fabric with a shovel to remove it.

When deciding whether to use landscape fabric just say, “No.”  It’s not worth the frustration.


Trumbull CT Landscape Designers – Trumbull CT Landscapers

This landscape is a welcoming entry to the pool scape .  The plants provide  interest in all seasons and low maintenance requirements.  By mixing plants from the old landscape in the new we transition from old to new seamlessly.

Trumbull CT Landscape Designers John Holden offers landscape design services in Trumbull CT, Newtown CT and Shelton CT.

If you are looking for Trumbull CT Landscapers we offer garden maintenance services.  When you are ready to take your landscape to the next level give me a call.

How NOT to Mulch a Tree

I drive through neighborhoods daily and see trees mulched improperly.  People want to do the best for their trees and apply the “More is better” principal with disastrous results.

Trees that have been over mulched dry out quicker in hot summer months and are prone to disease and attacks by rodents.  Mulching a tree like a volcano also doesn’t look natural.

If your trees have mulch that looks like a volcano the best thing you can do is remove the excess.  There should only be 2-3″ of mulch around a tree with a minimum of 6″ of space between the mulch and the trunk of the tree.

Be gentle when removing mulch.  You don’t want to damage the tree with your shovel.  Use your hands to remove mulch near the trunk and large roots.  Cleanly cut roots with sharp pruning shears to help them heal more quickly.