Why I’m Still a Landscaper

Coventry Lane in Trumbull, Connecticut, is where I began my landscaping career after graduating from the University of Connecticut with a degree in Ornamental Horticulture.  I eagerly put green fliers with a picturesque tree and my inspired ad copy in mailboxes.  Then I anxiously waited for the phone to ring.

I was new to the landscaping field and feared people would not hire me.  Who would want someone just out of college to landscape their property?  I had the education but not the real world experience.

The people on Coventry Lane were excited to have someone with passion working in their yard.  I was greeted with genuine smiles and remember many wonderful conversations with my clients.  Not once did I feel like, “Just a landscaper.”

Trumbull CT Landscaper
That’s me in 1993 at 22 years old with my first commercial lawn mower. How proud!

My time on Coventry Lane taught me a lesson I hope to teach my children.

People are all the same and should be treated the same no matter where they come from or what they do for a living.

My clients these days are self made people; such as doctors, lawyers, business executives and the self-employed.  When I am working on their property they are happy to see my work.  People invite me into their kitchen to discuss their project as their children play in the next room.  People with little spare time ask how my children are doing and listen as I give way too long an answer.

One of the best motivators of human spirit is appreciation.

When a client glows with excitement because of my work I am elated.  I am living the dream.  I am doing a job I love and getting paid to do it.

trumbull ct landscapers
My first client. They called after receiving my green flier with the large picturesque tree.

When I drive down Coventry Lane today I am just out of college with the world at my feet.   I am driving my first pickup truck with brand new tools in the back.  I am going to make it, doing it my way and nothing is going to stop me.

I guess some things never change.

By John Holden