How to Prune a Tree Hydrangea – Part 1

Prune your tree hydrangeas (Hydrangea paniculata) after growth has stopped in the fall or before new growth in the spring.  Tree hydrangeas can take a heavy pruning with ease.  Don’t be afraid to prune them.

Your goal when pruning tree hydrangeas is to:

  1. Remove crossing branches.
  2. Remove dead branches.
  3. Remove last years flower buds.
  4. Thin out weak stems to encourage larger blooms.
  5. Make room for new growth.

The first time you prune your tree hydrangea it’s probably going to take a while.  Take it one cut at a time and you’ll do fine.

The video above goes into all the detail you need to get the job done.  Please post any questions in the comments below.

By John Holden

Why Should You Hire a Landscape Designer?

What are the benefits of hiring a landscape designer?  Why should you hire a landscape designer?

There are at least three situations where you should hire a landscape designer:

  1. The most obvious reason, you don’t know about garden design.  A good landscape designer can help you get the results that best meet your needs.
  2. You know about gardening but have a limited knowledge of plants or design.  There’s a world of plants out there that you are not familiar with.  A landscape designer can introduce you to those plants and show you how to make the best use of them in your landscape.
  3. You don’t know about gardening but you do have an idea of what you want. If you call me and say, “I want a patio” there are some questions I’ll ask you are, “What is the patio for?  Do you want a quiet place to relax?  A stimulating place to entertain?  A place where young children can play? Are you looking to combine different design needs?”  A landscape designer can hone your ideas into a beautiful landscape.

Make sure your landscape designer puts your needs first.  Your landscape design is about meeting your needs.  If you suspect a landscape designer isn’t looking out for your best interests trust your gut.

When I design a landscape I act as a filter translating my clients needs into a finished landscape design.