How to Renovate a Lawn

In this video I show you how to renovate a lawn using a tool called a Rotodairon.

If your lawn is not growing well look at the big picture to see what is causing the trouble.

Some, of the many, causes of a poor lawn are:

  • Sandy soil
  • Too much shade
  • Soil has a low ph
  • Soil has a high ph
  • Low organic matter content
  • Buried debris under the soil
  • Too damp of an area
  • Too dry of an area
  • Mowing too short
  • Too many tree roots (Please don’t cut them all, there’s a better solution.)

The key is to look around and figure out why your lawn isn’t growing well and don’t make assumptions.  This is a situation where like Joe Friday says you have to look at, “Just the facts.”

If you have any questions about lawn renovation please post them below.

By John Holden

Front Yard Landscaping Ideas by a Trumbull CT Landscaper

I installed this front yard landscaping over 9 years ago and been involved in the maintenance ever since.

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