Stone Walls Shouldn’t be Imposing


I often see landscapes built like a fortress.  A tall and stark stone wall blocks the grounds.  The formidable wall tells visitors to stay away and “Don’t tread on me.”

Stone walls keep the eye from moving through the landscape.  They say look at me and nothing else.  They are a blazing  neon sign saying “Closed.”

I make sure the stone walls I design fit into the landscape.

You can plant weeping plants on top of walls to soften them.  Especially if the wall is over three feet tall.

In the photo above a blue rug juniper (Juniperus horizontalis ‘Wiltoni’) gently weeps over the wall.  Without the junipers it would be a stark, cold and imposing feature.

Before starting construction consider if the wall is really necessary and how you can lower its impact.

By John Holden