The Three Musts of Mulching

Three important tips on how to mulch your landscape.

  1. Never apply mulch deeper than 3 inches.  If the mulch in your landscape is over three inches you must remove some.  Mulch over three inches prevents air, water and nutrients from reaching your trees and shrubs.
  2. Never touch mulch to the base of trees and shrubs.  Leave a gap from six inches to a foot around trees and shrubs.  If mulch is in contact with the bark of trees and shrubs it keeps it moist and encourages insects and disease.
  3. Before re-applying mulch turn your existing mulch.  Over time mulch can become compacted and matted down.  By cultivating your mulch you loosen it up so air and nutrients can make it through.  My favorite tool to cultivate mulch is the Garden Weasel.

Please remember the these tips when planning how to mulch your landscape.

By John Holden