I Saved a Life Today

Today, while walking in Trumbull, CT I saved a Yoshino Cherry choking to death.  As a horticulturist, I did what I’ve been trained to do.  I took my knife, bent down and removed the obstruction.

Yoshino Cherry Girdled By Twine
The synthetic twine around this root will cut off the flow of nutrients to the rest of the tree.
Yoshino Cherry Girdled By Twine
Carefully cutting the twine. Point the blade away from the bark to avoid injuring to the tree.
The Synthetic Twine is Cut
The tree can breathe after cutting the synthetic twine.
Synthetic Twine Girdling Tree
I discovered this tree years ago in the last stages of death. It had synthetic twine embedded into the trunk.

As the tree roots expand the twine cuts the flow of nutrients eventually choking the tree to death.  This tree would have died a slow and agonizing death.

I gave the Yoshino Cherry a chance to live.  A chance to brighten people’s spring with blooms and summer with shade.

Please carefully remove all twine, synthetic or natural, from around the trunk and roots when planting trees.

By John Holden

April 16, 2014 Snowstorm in Newtown, CT

This morning I woke to an inch of sleet and snow on the ground.  The thermometer read 27 degrees and the wind was whipping.  Naturally, the first thing I did was grab my camera and run outside.

Snow brings out the best in plants.  It adds interest, creates contrast, and reminds every one of the winter holidays.  Below are some photos I took laying prone on an old comforter.  Anything for my art!

Lenten Rose in Snow
Lenten Rose will shrug off the snow and keep blooming. It enjoys the snow.
Sedum Buttons In Snow
The thick fleshy foliage of Sedum protects it from the snow.

By John Holden