Yellow Flower on Side of Road

Last week while driving through Newtown, CT I stumbled on this yellow flower.  From a distance it looks like a dandelion.  It’s definitely not.

Yellow Flower on Side of Road

I took this picture March 25 when Daffodils are just starting to bloom.  We’re a long way off from leaves on trees.

Yellow Flower on Side of Road in Leaf Litter

I checked the US Wildflowers Database and had no luck finding it.

I’d like to thank Lydia, from the comments below, who told me the plant is Coltsfoot (Tussilago farfara).

Foundation Planting Landscape Design

This morning I completed a foundation planting landscape design.

What are my clients goals for the landscape?

The number one goal is color.  Women want colorful and inviting homes.  Men want what their wives want as long as it stays within budget.

The second goal is low maintenance requirements.  No one wants a landscape that needs constant attention.

Some prospective clients focus on low price.  In some cases lower than I recommend.

All I can say is, “You get what you pay for.”

Restaurants that ask what type of wine you’d like with your meal cost more than the restaurants that ask, “Do you want fries with that?”

See the video playlist Go To Plants for Your Landscape for more information.

Foundation Planting Landscape Design

I’m looking forward to presenting this foundation planting landscape design Saturday.

Random Acts of Kindness

There are good people in this world.

This morning I stopped at McDonald’s to pick up breakfast. I was short 85 cents and asked for a moment to go to my truck for change.

The cashier didn’t hesitate to say, “Don’t worry about it.”

It’s moments like these that I realize how wonderful the world is.

While waiting for my meal I got the cashier the 85 cents.  I don’t believe in taking advantage.

Thank you for your Random Act of Kindness.

P.S. The evergreen shrub in the foreground is a Mugo Pine (Pinus mugo sp.).  Be careful when planting Mugo Pines, they don’t all stay as compact as you’d think.