Dog Days of Summer

That’s Theo our Great Pyrenees mix enjoying shade in the back of my truck on a hot summer’s day.

I thought  Theo was a Great Pyrenees.  However, he’s almost two and not ‘fluffing out’ like a Great Pyrenees.  I think he’s a Great Pyrenees with some Golden Retriever mixed in.

Theo is an incredibly intelligent, patient and loving 90 lb boy.  He wants nothing more than to be where I am.

Last week I dropped the kids off at camp with Theo riding shotgun.  When we returned Theo didn’t want to get out of the truck.

He knew I’d be heading out soon enough or perhaps he simply enjoys the cozy spot in the back of the truck.  Whatever the reason, Theo wasn’t coming out.

Theo sitting in the back of the Dodge


Hi John,

Thank you so much.  I love it.



Foundation Planting Ranch Before

This foundation planting had a couple difficult situations to work with. There’s little space between the house and the sidewalk.  In addition, the electric meter glares at guests as they make their way to the door.

I planted Blue Billow Sawtooth Hydrangea between the walk and the house to add color.  A standard PG Hydrangea blocks the electric meter and provides additional color in late summer.  To the far right, the slow-growing Dwarf Hinoki Cypress will provide color through the long winter.

Completed Foundation Planting Ranch
After – Before mulching

Thank you for the kind words Christy.