My New Favorite Park

For the last week and a half I’ve visited a small park in town.  The park starts level by the road but quickly drops off to a small rolling river below.

I’ve gotten in the habit of getting a bacon, egg and cheese and stopping at the park to eat my breakfast.  It’s on the way to where I’m working.

My breakfast nook. 

The path entering the park.

The real treat comes at the bottom of the hill when you get to the river.  It’s a great place to collect your thoughts.

If you look through the crystal clear water you can see the ledge beneath.  There’s no mud, just coarse sand below.

Looking up the river you can see the hemlocks that flank it.  What a peaceful place.

I couldn’t stop taking pictures.

The old foundation of some sort of building.  It’s been a long time since that building served any purpose.  

It’s neat how this maple tree grows even though the dirt washed away around its roots.  I wouldn’t be surprised if something lives under that tree.

This yellow birch started life growing between two boulders and continues to thrive.

If you live in Newtown, CT you can find the park about a half mile up from where 34 meets 110.  You have to look hard or you’ll miss the little parking lot.  It takes about 10 minutes to get to the river.

Here’s an article about the Halfway River Open Space.

Some Mistakes We Have to Make

I spent most of the day replacing a shock absorber on my truck.  It took me from 9 to 6 to replace one shock absorber.  One shock absorber!

I quickly learned there’s a lot of rust on suspension parts which ‘welds’ them together.  Suspension parts are also in awkward places.  Finally, it took two trips to the auto parts store to get the right shocks.

I felt like, and acted like, the new guy today.  I made every mistake in the book and wouldn’t be surprised if I came up with some new ones.

The only way to learn how to replace shocks is by doing it.  It’s not the same as reading the repair manual or watching a YouTube video.  I was bound to make mistakes, mistakes I had to make to learn, mistakes I’ll never make again.

In life there are mistakes you have to make.  Whether it’s your first time changing shocks, your first bank account, your first relationship.  There are mistakes we all have to make to learn and move forward.

If you’re replacing shocks in a 2002 Dodge Ram 2500 (1) use an impact wrench to remove the top bolt; (2) take off the tire before you try to loosen the bottom bolt and (3) if you need to replace a nut on the shock tower they’re metric M10-1.5 not standard 3/8-16.

Lessons learned!