Chainsaw Sharpening Game Changer – Sharpen Better

Last week I watched Master Shipwright Louis Sauzedde sharpening a chainsaw.  While sharpening his chainsaw he wore magnifying eye-wear.

I tried a pair of magnifying safety glasses and all I can say is, “Wow!  I wish I got a pair sooner.”

Here’s a video showing off my glasses:

You can buy Elvex® Rx-500C-2.0 Full-lens Ballistic Rated Magnifier in a Wraparound Polycarbonate Lens! 2.0 Magnification clear lens on Amazon.  These are the glasses I wear in the video.  *Note, I receive a commission if you buy these glasses on Amazon.

Here’s Louis Sauzedde’s video.  It’s one of my favorite videos on chainsaw sharpening.

Another great video on chainsaw sharpening:

The third of my favorite chainsaw sharpening videos:

I’m not ready to make a chainsaw sharpening video yet but the picture below shows the results of my efforts.

Hand filed sharp chainsaw chain
I sharpened this chain with a 7/32 round file, depth gauge file, 30 thousandths depth gauge tool and a pair of calipers.

More Chainsaw Sharpening Tips

Sharpening a chainsaw is a perishable skill.  If you don’t practice you’ll forget how.  If you don’t practice you won’t learn how either.

It’s a good idea to wear leather gloves on both hands so you don’t accidentally cut yourself.  I wear a thick leather glove on the hand holding the file.  If I slip the leather will protect my file holding hand.

If your chain is really dull and abused expect it to take 30-45 minutes to sharpen the cutters and depth gauges.  A maintenance sharpening during the day will only take 5-10 minutes.

It’s not about sharpening the chain quickly though.  It’s about doing it yourself so you save time wasted driving to your power equipment dealer and money not having to pay them to sharpen your chain.

The greatest advantage to hand filing is that I always have a razor-sharp chain.  If the chain is dull, even a bit, I stop the saw and freshen the edge.

I don’t wait for the tank to run out of fuel.  I don’t wait until I finish cutting the tree.  I stop the saw immediately and sharpen it.  Even in the middle of a cut.

The videos above should get you well on your way to hand filing a chainsaw.

Good luck and be safe!

*Update – I’ve decided to use my other website, for wood splitting videos.  I hope you’ll visit if you enjoy cutting and splitting firewood.