Seasoned Dry Firewood

Newtown CT FirewoodAs of November 2017 we’re out of split and seasoned Newtown CT firewood.  We’ll be splitting wood through the winter and have more wood available for fall 2018.

This seasoned Newtown CT firewood will burn when you put it on the fire.

We cut our firewood to small diameter pieces that are an excellent choice for wood stoves.  Pieces average 16-20″ long.

Newtown CT Firewood

One half cord of seasoned and dry firewood is $160 delivered to Newtown, CT or surrounding towns.

We will stack the wood, within 50′ of the truck for an extra $30 per half cord.

We have limited supplies.  We sell our wood on a first come first served basis.

Wood is available for delivery to Newtown, Shelton, Trumbull, Monroe, Southbury, and Oxford Connecticut.

Newtown CT Firewood

Newtown CT Firewood

There are some concerns over the Emerald Ash Borer and Newtown, CT firewood.  The Regulations on the Movement of Firewood in CT state, “Movement [of firewood] within the [infested] counties, including from infested county to infested county, is not restricted.