Weeding Tools Recommendations

Today I used several weeding tools to maintain a garden overgrown with weeds.

Truth be told it was my fault.

Last fall I over seeded the lawn and some seed found its way into the beds.  The gardens were a mix of grass, dandelions and chickweed.

I spent the afternoon ‘hacking’ away at the weeds with my weeding tools.  I’d like to share the method to my madness with you.

Weeding Tools Recommendations

First, I went through the beds with my weeding knife (Far right) and pulled the dandelions.  If you cut dandelions with a hoe the long tap-root will grow back.  You have to dig down and remove the root.

Next, I went through the front of the bed with my grub hoe (Second from left).  The grub hoe packs more of a punch than a hoe.  It’s perfect for removing heavy weeds and sod.

I used my cutting hoe (Second from right) where the weeds were sparse.  A cutting hoe with a sharp edge is the right tool for stray chickweed.

Four Weeding Tools Results
Piles of weeds at the front of the bed ready to pick up with a manure fork.

A manure fork is the perfect tool to load weed piles into a wheelbarrow.  A manure fork has sharp tines and light weight.  I recommend you buy a 5 tine manure fork.

I hope you’ll try one of the weeding tools above to improve your productivity when weeding gardens.