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John W. Holden, Founder
John W. Holden, Founder

Since I was a child I dreamed of my landscaping business.

In Middle School I knocked on doors asking, “Do you want me to rake your leaves?”

In high school I mowed lawns by pulling a trailer behind my lime green ’77 Skylark.

I’m the kid that stared out the window at school.  When my father took me to the golf course I wanted to ride the fairway mower and weed the plantings.  Not play golf.

I won a giant pumpkin growing contest at 12 and studied in the Vo-ag program in high school.  I earned a bachelor’s degree in Horticulture from UCONN.

While my friends were studying to become lawyers and businessmen I wanted to grow plants.  Talk about going against the grain!

I worked at a nursery after college where I felt like a square peg in a round hole.  I didn’t want to do the status quo and “bang out” jobs.  I wanted to create beauty and function.  I wanted to do things better!

I’m told I’m artistic and it surprises me.  The design decisions I make daily are reflexive, like getting dressed in the morning.

Newtown CT Landscaper

A design vision appears almost immediately when I walk on a property.  The work lies in sorting out the important details.

Never take the details for granted.

When you’re ready to improve your landscape give me a call.

Thank you,

John W. Holden
Founder, Land Designs Unlimited LLC
203 257-0602

Newtown CT Landscape Designer

A Tip for Selecting a Landscape Designer

How can you tell whether a landscape designer or landscapers knows what they are doing?

Ask one simple question, “Why?”

When discussing your design ask, “Why?”  When discussing plant selections ask, “Why?”  When discussing the type of mulch to use ask, “Why?”  Asking why repeatedly gets you a lot of information.

Do the answers to your questions come naturally and make sense?  Does your prospective designer welcome a chance to discuss your project with you or are they put off?

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